LabPets Escape

a sneaky puzzle-survival platformer game by Paul W., Timo H. and Yoana v. Grimm.


Genre: Puzzle, Speedrunning, Survival Platformer Players: 1
Platforms: PC, LINUX and MAC first , PSN & XBL later Release: mid 2018

About the game

A single player action puzzle game, inspired by games like Lemmings, Worms, Angry Birds and some MGS-like stealth elements. Lets get creative!

You are the brain of this operation,
your goal is to rescue lab rats with different skills, attributes and things to play with.
Getting them from level start to the “Exit Door” of each level, overcoming tricky traps, machines and deadly guards and predators like doggies and kitties, crazies and zombies. Some of your worst nightmares.

Multiple ways to solve puzzles and finish the levels. There are more and less creative or elegant ways to solve the problems you will encounter on your journey out.

Tough choices. Sometimes sacrifices will have to be made to lure away guards and save the others. As well as an alternative way to “activate” traps. “Taking one for the team” is taken quite literally here.

The player has several “tools” at his disposal, which in combination with the animals and environment, help the player to get the flock to the “Exit Door”. These items or tools could be stuff like rockets, ropes, firecrackers, experimental drugs, rubber-balls and other funny stuff to help you get to the “out” with minimum loss and sacrifice.

Are You up to the task ahead ?
How many can you get out alive ?

Concept art